Auditing e-Gov Projects

SAI Turkey
Mr Yahya Gülden

Today, the utilisation of information technology is essential for the correct and efficient operation of the public administration. By the same token, the public administration is becoming more vulnerable to IT risks, especially when they are not properly managed, or even when they remain unrecognized. This is the challenge for the management, as information about risks should be provided early on in order to initiate corrective actions.

The audit of Information Systems is not a new concept; however, e-Gov auditing is a relatively new one.

The main objectives of the workshop are to

  • share experience and audit approaches in the e-Gov project audits,
  • focus on changing needs of citizens and benefits for the stakeholders,
  • discuss faced challenges and solutions.

The modernisation of public administration entails the implementation of many e-Gov projects, and most of them are characterized by large size and high complexity, which may lead to project failures.